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Diamond drilling is one of the quickest and most efficient core drilling methods available. Robore operatives use high-quality diamond drill bits to create precise holes and openings in a wide range of materials.


Cost Effective

Diamond drilling is fast, efficient and accurate – reducing the risk of expensive structural repairs associated with other demolition services.

Minimal Waste

Diamond drilling produces a solid section of core debris, meaning less mess to dispose of.


When precision matters, diamond drilling delivers far more accuracy than conventional cutting methods.

High Speed

Diamond drilling is the quickest method of drilling through hard surfaces such as reinforced concrete, brickwork, blockwork, asphalt and more.

Minimal Disruption

Unlike percussive drilling methods, diamond drilling produces a lower level of noise and vibration as well as minimal dust.

Range Of Sizes

Core bit diameters range from 10mm to 1500mm and can be used in a varety of ways.

Light & portable

Diamond drilling equipment can be used in challenging environments such as restricted spaces or underwater areas. Diamond drills can also be remotely operated.

Variable Power Sources

Diamond drilling equipment can be powered by a wide range of power sources from electricity to hydraulics and compressed air. This makes diamond drilling ideal in any construction and demolition setting with any of the basic power sources.

What is Diamond Core Drilling?

Diamond core drilling uses a rotary drill fitted with a specialist cylindrical drill bit affixed with industrial diamonds. Due to their extreme strength diamonds are ideal for cutting into solid surfaces including reinforced concrete, masonry, tile, stone and asphalt.

Diamond drilling is ideal for creating clean, precise holes between 8mm and 1,500mm+ in diamater in stone, brick and concrete walls or structures. Diamond drilling is commonly used in construction and controlled demolition. It offers many advantages over conventional drilling methods, as it is accurate, efficient and non-percussive.

How does Diamond Core Drilling work?

Diamond drilling systems are comprised of a mounted rig, electric or hydraulic powered drill, and diamond bit. The diamond drill bit is cylindrical and hollow, consisting of a steel tube on which diamond segments are welded to the cutting edge. These make contact with the surface being drilled. During drilling, the diamond bit rotates. Water runs through the driving shaft to cool the face of the drill and keep it free from dust. Dry diamond core drilling services are available, please Contact Us to learn more. Diamond drilling systems usually include 110v powered motors, but can also be 415v, hydraulic and or air driven systems.
Factors that need to be considered during diamond drilling include:

  • Type of material/surface to be cut
  • Size & diameter of hole
  • Structural resistance of the material

This will influence the equipment required to carry out the work. At Robore Cuts, we have over three decades of experience transforming the skyline of London and beyond, designing bespoke diamond drilling and concrete cutting solutions for our extensive client base.

What is Diamond Core Drilling used for?

Diamond drilling can be used to create holes in solid materials such as concrete, masonry, metal, glass, tile and stone. It has many applications including building projects, underground construction and even hydraulic bursting.

Diamond Stitch Drilling
Diamond drill bits range from 10mm to 1500mm in diameter. In some cases, a larger area may need to be drilled. In this case, a technique called diamond stitch drilling is the ideal solution. Diamond stitch drilling can be used to create holes of any shape and size. This involves drilling a series of precise, overlapping holes to create the desired opening. Read more here.

Underwater Diamond Drilling
Diamond drilling techniques can be used in underwater environments, making it a good option for marine and offshore projects. Read our Dover Pier case study.

Why use Robore Cuts Ltd – the top UK and London Diamond Drilling contractor

Robore Cuts are the UK’s leading Diamond Drilling contractor. We provide diamond drilling services to the construction industry in London and the South East, as well as nationally and internationally. We provide bespoke demolition, firestopping and concrete cutting services to our extensive client base, which spans the public and private sectors. Our projects range widely in size and scope, including civil engineering, road and rail, bridges, tunnels, water treatment works and historic buildings.

Robore Cuts ensure the highest industry standards on every job. We have:

  • 30+ years of experience
  • 100+ highly trained staff
  • Strict health and safety procedures
  • State of the art equipment, including Europe’s largest fleet of Brokk & Husqvarna demolition machines

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